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    I make no bones about it: this is a fantasy web-site. The central fantasy being that someone out there may
    want to visit.  Oh, it will be entertaining to browse if you’ve anything like my interest in fantasy and science fiction.
    If you love maps and chronologies, tall tales and spurious history read on.

    But there’s more to it than that. It’s a poetry site and blog site too. Here’s a brief description of what you’ll find
    beyond those navigation buttons:

    A Song of Ages
    The Song is a three volume epic fantasy concerning the Return of the Exiled and the War with God.
    It’s the story of the wizard Seama Beltom
    é and a mystery discovered in the pages of a burning book. The truth behind the mystery will eventually lead to confrontation beyond the confines of the earth with the author of all evil, but Seama has plenty of murder, mayhem and war to get through first. Along the way, there are monsters and villains to be faced, there is loss to be suffered and joy to be found. It is not a journey for the faint hearted.

    History - the history of Earnor, the known and the hidden, and the lost history of all the Ages of the Earth - lies
    at the root of everything he has to contend with. The material posted here provides some of the historical and geographical background to The Age of Final Hope.
    The Episodic Chronicle describes the rise and fall of civilizations upon the continent of Asteranor. It reveals the influence of the Magi - True or Black or Blood - in the making of Seama’s world; it traces the curse of the Gift of Ah’remmon through all the generations. All without giving you too many spoilers of course.
    The geography of Asteranor in particular is expressed in the form of maps - political, historical and topographical.
    The glossary is intended as a quick reference for anyone reading the book itself.

    Clearly, a fantasy novel cannot be properly introduced merely by providing incidentals - no matter how extensive.
    The Preview pages give you the opportunity to discover whether or not A Song of Ages is a good read. I will post consecutive selections from Part 1 of the first volume: The Best of Men. To keep it fresh there’ll be a new chapter every month. For the latest entry click New.


    The Verse Pit - for my sins I’m obsessed with writing poetry that people can read and understand and be entertained
    by. Whether I achieve my aim is not for me to say. The Verse Pit is full of poems and songs and even (Gods help me)
    the lyrics for a fantasy musical.

    Monkeying Around - this page has a couple of entries that explain what on earth I think I’m up to producing a site like this. Blogging Around  is the blog proper. I’m hoping I’ll occasionally come up with something worth reading here - and that I’ll manage to avoid sounding like an arrogant, opinionated curmudgeon when I do.

    Eventually this site may become a destination for lovers and creators of fantasy art - click to find out how that may come to be.

    FRIENDS - fairly obvious: this page will be populated with links to Fantasy sites, artists sites, friend’s sites, poetry
    sites, writer’s sites. Maybe even your site!

    The Library Blog - may not have pages for some time. This fictional blog will be written by residents of The Library. It may some day reveal the grand scheme behind all the WKJ fantasy novels.

    Ministry Rat - back in the 90’s I wrote a short novel: The Ministry Rat. The story was great but the writing was
    rubbish and the enterprise pretty much non-publishable. I’m sorting it out. These pages will periodically give you
    a chance to read (and ridicule if you must) my latest rewrites. Should you care to offer the odd critique I’d be happy
    to reciprocate if you have a project in hand yourself.

    LIKE IT... OR NOT -  if you have any comment at all - criticism even - about any of the pages you see here, this is the place to let it all out.

    That’s all. Hope you enjoy it.


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An epic fantasy of monsters, gods, warriors and wizards, of heedless villains and decent everyday people.

available as a kindle edtion
now at £6.99 / $7.99


COINCIDENT - The Best of Men Pt 1

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