The Creation

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           A SONG OF AGES                         the beginning of strife





    The Captolinux* translation of the Second Chamber Altar Stone from Menelmandial Site 4
    (as reproduced in “Haslem’s Song of Ages” attributed to The Keepers of the Truth, published Astoril 3069, Gombret and Son.)


    Time, called Zurvan, was God all alone, and so he created Man; and he created the world and the stars that Man might have a home.  But because he could not both create and then Rule, for that would deny his Divine Purpose, the God could not share the world and stars with Man and must dwell apart.

    And yet Zurvan would not leave Man alone and Fatherless with no hand to guide him.  Of himself he made a son. The Son would rule the world and the stars, and he would be a Father to Man.  Everything That Could Be was in The Son as he dwelled in the Womb of Time but that whole became divided into a spirit and person of Good and a spirit and person of Evil.  That Good Child of Zurvan was called Ohr’mazd, and the foul opposite Ah’remmon.  Aware of both as they dwelled in the Womb of Time and knowing his plan was spoiled, Zurvan vowed that whichever of The Twain - whose names and nature were yet hidden - would present himself as first born, then he would be King of All That Is.  Now Ohr’mazd was Understanding and Ah’remmon was Ignorance.  That Good One of Knowledge, whose brightness reveals, told the words of the Father to the Evil One, whose darkness encloses.  And hearing those words the Spirit of All Lusts ripped himself untimely from Time’s Womb.

    Zurvan beheld a mean and black and noisome creature and was dismayed for the child of his womb was not the child of his present thought.  Where was the child generous, bright and clean smelling? At last Ohr’mazd came forth in glory!

    Loathsome Ah’remmon, seeing the other, was in doubt, knowing his own power to be less.  Quickly he said:  “Have you not made this vow: that whichever of my two sons shall first come before me, him shall I make King?”  And Zurvan, that is Time, meaning not to violate his oath said to Ah’remmon: “Oh False One!  Yes, Kingship shall be granted you for nine thousand years, but over Ohr’mazd you shall have no dominion.  And after nine thousand years Ohr’mazd shall reign and do whatsoever pleases him, and his shall be the time of Long Dominion.”

    At Zurvan’s word Ah’remmon grew feared and angry and said: “The Kingship is mine according to your vow; this world you have made is mine according to your gift; and Men, created for your purpose, will serve me as their God.  Is this not all of your making?”

    Zurvan was wrath with Ah’remmon.  “Deceiver, by your lust you are deceived,” he said, “for My purpose cannot be denied.  Thy brother, Ohr’mazd, does know my mind.  In your despite he will see my creation to its end.  Have you your Kingship but know this, False One: thy reign cannot last.”

    Now Ah’remmon’s fear had come to fury at these words.  “Father,” cried the Master of Lies, “Am I nothing to thee? You have made us both, my brother and I, and yet you have love for one only and would see the other destroyed. And so I make this vow that will last through all the ages of the world: My Brother will be my enemy and I will not suffer his rule; If I die he will die and all your hope is lost.” Ah’Remmon’s face shone with triumph at this oath, for having spoken he knew that it must become true, but that radiance was a fire to burn all it might touch and yet it gave off no light.  “What say’st my brother to this?” said he, “Have you no words to comfort our Father?”

    Ohr’mazd in his wisdom spoke then nothing but turned his bright countenance upon Ah’remmon and smiled. At that smile all of Creation sang with hope, for the Light of Ohr’mazd banished the darkness that Ah’remmon had sought to wreath about the world.  And The Spirit
    of all Lusts could not endure that smile and must turn and flee, seeking darkness to hide his shame.

    Never again would Ah’remmon behold the face of Ohr’mazd.




    *Appointed by the founder Caradix, the magus Captolinux was first master of the Collegium of Thibes,  His name is a clear reference to the major work of his early years when, as chief archivist in the employ of the Priests’ School of Zorost, Captolinux organised an in-depth study of textual and linguistic sources found among the ruins of Menelmandial. The greatest of the Sunrise cities, Mandial stood on the easternmost tip of the Captofinxus.

    The translation above was extracted from a document rediscovered by Anil Docha among the Thibean remnants of the Escartine Library. His interest of course was more practical than academic, but further research into these remnants, undertaken by Professor Erun Carillo of Errensea, has already brought to light a huge body of knowledge lost for millennia.