wilf jones SONGS

                    the heft and the edge                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     10/6/2020











    These pages are are a repository for song lyrics - my song lyrics. But not all of them.

    The truly cringe-worthy productions remain buried under a heap of inconsequential letters and never to be seen poems, in a battered old desk top file case. They can’t be thrown away, of course - too much of my life went into them. A drawer full of lost moments, abandoned emotions, discarded pain. Worth keeping - but without a doubt, unadulterated drivel.

    So, there’s none of that lot here. The lyrics on these pages each have merit of some sort - 
    a clever play on words, an interesting rhythm, a dramatic image, a touching thought. Only
    12 to start with but more will appear over the coming years.
    Hope you find something you like.

    It is worth noting that these pieces are actually fully fledged songs. If you are interested in hearing what they sound like contact me and I’ll send you an MP3 - vocals only. But I’m not precious about my tunes. If you feel so moved, write your own music, adjust the scansion, change the melody. 

    In terms of rights: if the lyrics are used only in performance I’d appreciate my name as lyricist being quoted and a quick e-mail - but I expect nothing more than that. Your gig not mine. Clips of your performance on You-tube however would constitute ‘recording’. If you want to record a track using my lyrics make sure to contact me first so we can knock up some sort of agreement - nothing onerous, just something common-sensible and fair.

    You can get me at         wilf@wilfkelleherjones.co.uk