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People, Places, Gods and Churches









Abram Mossby


Chamberlain to Mador of Pars.




A shape changer from Oxitor Ulta - lives to eat.



Northern polar ice region.



One of the four countries of Asteranor.



Middle Order God - God of Breaking Waves; of Storm at Sea, aka Neptis.



Agwis Reingen - King of Aegarde.

Aiden Peveril


Leader of the Council of Errensea.

Alaric Goss


Captain of the King's Guard in Ayer.

Aldo Rodber


Landlord of The Dog's Last Breath.



General Mart Alling- Gotherian commander of land forces.




Royal House of Pars - sometimes just 'Thone (pron. toe nay).



Small town of the southern part of the Skirt region of Valdesia.



Tributary of the Misium.

Anders Belori


Door-warden of the Presence in Ayer.



Village leader of Huaresh in the Skirt region of Valdesia; Other villagers are mentioned in the text: Gunez, Claudia Bera, Serrio, Carva.




Angren Nielderson is the Heir to the Dukedom of Terremark, his full title being Marquis of Hollingdale. Long standing friend of Seama, the Wizard Beltomé.


Annie Fornum


Woman of Astoril - granddaughter Elsa.



1. Royal House of Pars.



2. The Anparite currently holding the position as Lord of House - at present Lomal Cativaran.

Anparite Bloodstone


Name for weapon historically held by House Anparas - deemed lost; strikingly similar to the sword given to Seth Cookson.

Apian Part


One of the seven Parts of Pars.



Empire of,  Rules the whole continent of Sullinor; emperor is Emp Radis XXXIV.

Arco Sulli


Wide chain of islands in the southern Pelagos.

Arianna Foxton


Mador's chief butler.



Chief Partain border garrison in Hurgal Mts.



One of the four major continents of Earnor.



Capital of Gothery.



Athoff Ringsøyr - son and heir to Agwis of Aegarde.



Chief city of Bulidzhan province of Aegarde. Name refers to the Agreement of Avenna 708PF - byproduct of the opening of trade with Ar’Andala



Second city of Aegarde; first capital



Capital of Pars - Castle Ayer, Palace of Ayer: King's Residence.



Middle Order God  - God of Blessings (sprinkling of blood) see Old English bleodsian - passing on the power of the thing sacrificed.









Key town of Misin Part - site of ancient Parassa



Banya Imperani - founder of the state of Gothery.

Banya’s Harbour


Chief Port of Gothery - renamed at time of foundation. Old name a Gothaen word for haven



Horse.  Companion to Seama Beltomé.




The only town on the Isle of Athel in the Errensea; birthplace of Seama



Boy travelling with Signoren Bassalo - one of the four survivors of the attack on Huaresh by the Black Company.



Roberta Emerson, soldier House Re’arden, sent on a mission to Drafasia by Mador.



An inventor and would be industrialist specialising in canons.



Captain Bibron Farber of Mador's River Fleet.



Lieutenant of the army of Sands.

Black Company


A band of murderous soldiers governed by four Sorcerers and their 'general' Morgan Trant.



3rd largest of The Holy Isles.



Middle Order God - God of Dreaming Trees.



Largely anarchic district of south western Aegarde.



Shape Changer in the employ of the Collegium for many years but retired to Astoril.



Senior Captain of Horse in the Anparas army.









First Heir to the Royal Partain House Althoné.

Callin Senca


Marshall of the Royal Partain House Anparas.



7 year old girl travelling with Bassalo - survivor of Huaresh.

Catarina Beltez


Granddaughter of the Master of Beltez.

Central Forest


Region of Aegarde



Most potent of the four sorcerers of The Black Company.

Charles Stubson


Batman to Lord Lomal.




Church of the One Making


There are many churches on the Isle of Temples with followers scattered across Asteranor. A discussion of the varying beliefs of each of the churches will be given in the appendices. The three given here have particular relevance to the Song.

Church of the Second Chance


Church of the First Day





Ciudad Valdez


Chief town of the Dukedom of Valdesia.

City of Pilgrim's Bay


Largest Partian city, south coast.



A large Partian town at the northern end of the Riversea.

Coldwater Gorge


Steep sided gorge where the Hypodedicus cuts through the plateau usually called The Gods' Table.



The Collegium Magi - ancient teaching institution; basis of the power of Errensea - in the present day more commonly called the College of Magi or simply Errensea for short. There are other collegia but use of the name with no qualifier always indicates the Collegium Magi of Errensea. Historically this is the second Collegium Magi: the first, no longer in existence, was founded on the island of Lindis.

Colm Peveril


Apprentice wizard - attached to Roar McAndre; son of Aiden Peveril.

Corayan Slavers


Corayan Pirates on the Bay Coast of Sullinor raided far and wide, taking goods and more importantly people to be slaves in the Ar Andalen empire. Southern Asteranor; Spurling Isles; Arco Sulli - all their regular hunting grounds. They also took many ships at sea. They used oared galleys with lateen sails. The oars gave them great advantage in sea battles against the regular three mast square riggers. Oar slaves used rather than free men - often worked till death.



A spy in the employ of Zaras.



Has the appearance of an extremely large eagle.









Mightiest mountain range of Asteranor spanning the north of the continent east to west.



River of Masachea - emerges fully formed from an underground course. The source is Lake Kokutalen in the highest part of the Hurgals.



One of the four hill-men from Northern Aegarde in the employ of Rixbur Draven

Dom Honry


Senior Captain in the Anparas army - cavalryman



Dukedom of Aegarde - capital Eszola

Dragon Reeks


Area of the western Dedicae. Caverns beneath make up the city of the dragons.



Industrial town of northern Gothery renowned for the pioneering work in the use of wrought iron



The Minstrel of the Halfi, later known upon Tumboll as The Necromancer.



Capital of Terremark - oddly the name is not from the Kellinghalles but a "Foreigner" word after the name of the River Dyfi (pronounced Dovey - the Kellinghalles generally thought of the river as the River of Doves - related to peace and they wished to promote the false idea that their intentions were peaceful.  As it happens Dyfi meant in the language of "the foreigners": "that which grows - becomes greater - or "you will grow", and this was eventually taken to be an exhortation to the Men of Oak to remain steadfast in their violent opposition to the Kellinghalles.)  The River Dyfi is the name for the lower reaches (below Lyn Lydan- Wide Lake) of the River Wydedd.













Reuel Edison   Author of Geografi - a guide to the countries of Asteranor and Beyond, published GOMBRET, Astoril.



Member of Bibron's crew - twin to Piedoro – and subsequently one of the companions of Seama.



1. The sea encompassing The Holy Isles, south of the Partian City of Pilgrim's Bay



2. The largest island of the Holy Isles



3. Shorthand for the political entity that is the High Council of The Collegium Magi of Errensea.

Escartine Library


Main Library of the Collegium Magi – see appendices for etymology of the name



Low hills to the east of Riverport



Chief town of the Dukedom of Drafasia

Ergo Kreet


Scientist and wizard, very much involved in the engineering advances made in Gothery over past fifty years. Many collaborations with Gaston Zollerine. Working with Jack Charles, built the first gas airship.







Fel Awdry


Gotherian Minister for Industry - old friend of Seama Beltomé



Small town in the heart of the Ostermarsh in Eastern Gothery



Majestic U shaped valley in the north of the Segyllin Part- the head of the valley makes a border with the Norberry Part



A spy and master torturer in the employ of Zaras



River of Aegarde - Rises in the eastern hills of the Mulhacen Cordilera of Matagorda but reaches the sea below the city of Jorly. Literally: the great drain









Capital of Aegarde - a massive city at least twice the size of any other on the continent. See “Towards an Episodic Chronicle of Asteranor” for origins.



Garaid Barbossa - communications expert in the employ of King Mador; companion of Seama



Joel Garner; aka Fox Garner (red-haired);  soon-to-retire drill-master at the Collegium.

The General


General of the Exiled – no name.

Gerald Robarn


Retired spy - still sometimes works for King Mador - Isolde's father.

Gerald Stretter


A sergeant in the Army of Sands



Glenogwen - name of the Ogwen river valley; name dates back thousands of years to time of Cymrain occupancy, though slightly altered. The valley runs from the end of the Francon down to meet the River Sea at Coldharbour.

The Gods’ Table


Plateau of Northern Pars. It was an ancient belief that the Dedicae Mts were the Home of the Gods of the Earth and traditionally the plateau was where they made feast. During the days of the Empire of the Blood it was a common joke for the Norberry Parters to add the line “if that was their table then Lusk was their shithole”.  Kyrussea could well be seen as a void within the Dedicae

Gosbert Lanvers


Agent of the Council of Errensea based in Astoril



Youngest of the four countries of modern Asteranor; founded by Banya 1952 PF

Gow Sabresten


Wizard - agent of the High Council



Buerka Sarayan commonly known as Grek – she is Chief Librarian of the Escartine; Master of Translation at the Collegium



Garrison castle - Francon Valley, Norberry Part; generally in these peaceful times holding only a nominal force of 20



Harald Gumb - Baron of Ripon  - provides the armed support for the defeat of the Black Company

Gurdy Younger


Gotherian Minister of Defence

Guy Banco


Kitchen lad from Moreda - brother to Giselda - aids Seama in the attack upon Moreda









A dragon



River of Aegarde - Terremark. Also known as Afonthrawen - the Sundering Flood



Small town north of the Black Hills in the Segyllin Part - on Temorean route to Greteth; home to Seth's fiancé Rowena

Haslem the Great


Born 1086 PF died 2059 PF (by Chronicle) Haslem is said to have been the greatest wizard in all the history of Asteranor. Played a significant role in the founding of Gothery. Developed the major spells forming the basis of the modern day power of Errensea and the Collegium. With Gundolph built the Presence in the Palace of Ayer. Author of The Song of Ages - and perhaps 1000 other texts and pamphlets.





Helen Travers


Niece of Baron Gumb of Ripon - kidnapped and abused by Semmento



Middle Order God - shaping of the Land; Hocha's Knife is a v shaped defile providing access to the Gotherian Plateau from the Aegardean Forest region



Chief Chronicler at the Collegium Magi; member of the High Council; Holander's Crypt name given to the Lower Stack of the Escartine Library at the Collegium; First name Diik but never used.

Holmon Cator


Last Sands messenger to leave  before the breaking of the siege



Village in the skirt region of the Gotherian/Aegardean border - technically a part of the Dukedom of Valdesia



Other villages are mentioned in the text such as Perdesh, Reno and Ardache and also the town of Altiparedo in the south of that region



Mountain range tracing the Partian - Masachee border



Huge river of immense volume dividing the continent of Asteranor - rising in the Dedicae Mountains and travelling due south to meet the Errensea at Knot Island. The Riversea, a vast body of water, makes up half the length of the Hypodedicus. It is very often referred to as "The River".









Royal House of Pars



Middle Order God - ‘Denial of the Sea’; ‘Refuge of the Land’; key Patron god of the Spurladians

Iskandar II


A king of Pars, 500 years before the start of this tale.  Layala was his queen - also a Princess of the Halfi, exiled from Lusk in Masachea.

Isle of Athel


Small island in the Errensea; birthplace of Seama Beltomé



Isolde Robarn - King's Legate



River of Pars - Osterley Part. Tributary of the Misium



Large town on the banks of the River Ister, Osterley Part. - ancient site of Elvekrisse









Royal House of Pars



Jaspar Askeranto - Lord of the Royal Partain House of Sands



Mark Jeffers, aka Jeb, secretary and major factotum to Gerald Robarn - husband to Evie



Jehanne Meladre - Mador's queen, died 3046 PF; daughter of Maximilliam Meladre, ex convener of the Apian Part



Admiral Fortéus Jemenser - currently in command of the Partian River Fleet.

Jom Alveson


Admiral of Gotherian River Fleet







Keepers of the Truth


A secret society within the ranks of the Magi whose task it is to Keep the Truth of the Ages – they came to understand that role as a need to guard, keep hidden the truth.


Kelling Isles


Historical home of the Kellinghalles, a community that conquered the Terremark region of Aegarde, but now ruled by the Sondrehalles whose earlier aggression contributed to the Kellinghalles abandoning the Isles for a new life in Terremark. Tendency of residents towards piracy.




Dukedom of Aegarde - capital Kellekurakent - often shorted to Kelle



One of the four sorcerers of the Black Company - penchant for blood letting

Kentreth's Grave


A pass in the northern part of The Hurgals, technically in Pars. Named after the Medean chieftain Kentreth'hal



A horseman of Sands Army

Keth Hardie


Prime Minister of Gothery; King’s Counsellor



A Land of Evil or Exile as described in The Song of Ages by Haslem







Language of Command


A tool for using the Power Inherent; some wizards do not find it necessary to use words. There is dispute as to when and where this language was originated. Current thinking suggests that it was invented by The Magi of an earlier age of the earth. Some think that it was God given.

Lars Ekstrom


Chemist - hunted by agents of Dr Bliss



Isle of Temples - 2nd Island of The Holy Isles; historically home to the First Collegium Magi



Capital of Kyrussea in the north of Masachea; seat of Blood Magi



Family seat of the Robarns











Mador Bhadrada, King of Pars

Magicks Majoris


Pron.: magix mayoris   Grimoire containing the key spells that protect and give order to the Collegium Magi during the later period - assembled by Haslem the Great




one of the sorcerers of the Black Company



Secretary to Waldin Omroot



One of the four countries of Asteranor – the first true nation. Founded circa 2600 and named as Land of the Flesh – Jaaghoa Masachea.



Region of South East Aegarde

Medean Part


One of the seven Parts of Pars

Men of Oak


Resistance movement in Terremark

Misin Part


One of the seven Parts of Pars



River Misium - traced back through stretches named Amium and Oswynne this is the longest solely Partian waterway stretching from Norberry Part down to The City of Pilgrim's Bay

Morgan Trant


Currently captain of infamous Black Company; ex body master and gaoler to Torgrim Nielderson.  Of his men only Hoggy and Mart Alling are given names in the text.



A mule, companion to Seama









Capital of Masachea



Middle order God - Harvest of the Sea – genderless  (Spurladian name for goddess Njordr)

New Bacton


Large town of Pars on River Misium in the Misin Part. Stands opposite the great ancient earthworks of Ecbator north of the river.dr

Niplock Sterrett


Unreliable ally of Athoff Ringsøyr

Norberry Part


One of the seven Parts of Pars



Kelling Islander’s name for goddess of the sea – “the provider”.









River of Pars - defines the border of the Apian Part with both Osterley and Misin Parts



River of Aegarde - The Hundred Kingdoms

Osterley Part


One of the seven Parts of Pars

Oswaldo Bassalo


Otherwise known as The Signoren - teacher in the village of Huaresh in the skirt region of the Aegarde.



River of Pars - Segyllin Part. Northern Part defines border with Norberry Part

Otrom Melchiot


Wizard - agent of the High Council

Owen Cookson


Master of Small Cuttings - a moorland village in the Segyllin Part. Wife Marjorie; sons Seth (wielder of the Anparite Bloodstone), Cal and Gordon.




Western continent of Earnor

Oxitor Ulta


Far Western continent of Earnor









One of the four countries of Asteranor, formally The Nation of the Seven Pars



Pars is divided into seven administrative regions - historically the remnant of antique tribal regions brought together by Sandar the Great to form one nation. The seven are Sullin, Medean, Misinford, Apian, Osterley, Segyllin and Norberry.




Ocean of Earnor



Philemon Sarayan - Mador's Librarian (brother to Grek). Editor of The Gombret Classics



Middle Order God - goddess of falling waters



Member of Bibron's crew - twin to Edro

Plan Visent


Eastern and middle part of the Central Waste in Aegarde; the Plain of Bison; nomads of the area known only as The Plan Visents



Masachean city - in the south close to border with Apia



Pig trader at the time of Iskandar II - died in dispute with the Halfi



City of Pars – modern day capital of the Apian Part – Ravenna the ancient capital was deemed too far away from Rúhandar’s court in Ayer and in 1491PF he required the administration of the Apian Part establish itself in Pulonia. (The Chronicle of Errensea points to the ethnic minority of Ravenna – descendents of the Halfi tribe long settled in the area – gaining a foothold in local governance, much to the displeasure of the King)









Royal House of Pars

Redlan Ibbold


guardsman at one point attached to Isolde Robarn on several missions - too attached



Most extensive river of Asteranor. Northern reaches are fed by the Dedicae as pooled in Lago Docielo. Crossing the Central Waste the river plunges underground, resurfacing only occasionally before finally emerging still in full flood into the Central Forest. Pron - reena.



Rilliana Porlick - married to the pig trader; falls in love with Dulsibot; they share a common inheritance



Second largest Partian city - on the banks of the Hypodedicus Riversea. Originally established as “New Anshan”.

River's Twist


City on southern Hypodedicus in the Matagorda region of Aegarde. The town famous for the production of the best paper products on the continent - hence "rivelline". Originally named Vuelta del Rio.



Rixbur Draven  - sometimes known as Rixbur the Knife, an armourer.

Roar McAndre


Wizard - agent of the High Council; known for his affinity with animals -associated with the eagle Cuahtemoc



Handyman at the Lyndons



King of Pars - nearly 500 years  before the start of this tale



House Jacob - working for Mador on a mission to Garassa; Full name: Ruspa Sedonie







The Saddle


An area of the Gotherian- Aegardean border where the cliffs of the plateau decline



Barracks town near Riverport

Sammy Tozer


Born into a horse trading family - remarkable ability with animals - develops a relationship with Cuahtemoc



Sandar Robert Sandis 1400 – 1462 PF Founder of the Nation of the Seven Pars



Scortha Bliick - an agent of King Mador; 'sacrificed' by the Halfi on Tumboll



Seama Beltomé or The Wizard Beltomé. Ambassador of the High Council of Errensea.

Sea of Birds


The stretch of ocean separating Asteranor and Sullinor



Main town of the Segyllin Part, just south of Gyll Lake

Segyllin Part


One of the seven Parts of Pars



Commander Eduard Selby of the Royal Partain House of Sands - a dissenting voice



Gaspar Semmento - the chief sorcerer  of the Black Company; responsible for commissioning said Company at Uh Bib’s request

Seth Cookson


Wielder of the Sword of Ages; son of Owen Cookson



A position in the hierarchy of the High Council - the incumbent is always the most powerful user of Sight - the ability to far-see. For the past forty five years held by the wizard Ran Temoran




Sigrid Althoné  -  second heir to House Althoné



King Sirl II of Gothery



Pron. Shelldane - land between the Hurgals and the Black Hills, Carrig Fells and Francon Heights

The Skirt


A part of Valdesia, north of the Saddle, nestling under the cliffs of the Gotherian Plateau



Town in Northern Gothery famed for its cloth making industry

Solan Cole


Captain of Foot in the Anparas army



Young wife of Rixbur Draven



The Spurling Isles (two of them - Great and Lesser – language/dialect Spurlese, denizens Spurladian)

Stey Asinus


Apprentice to Burgil the shape-shifter



A hill in the Segyllin Part - hot spring source of the Hannay River; a place of worship



Royal House of Pars – once Bandrastimmon



Largest of the continents of Earnor



Middle Order God - of Death and Dying - often found looking at babies in fascination



Middle order god - God of Storm (on land) aka Hammerhand; aka Hadad - said to be clumsy









Middle Order God - God of Harvest of the Land



AKA Dr Bliss, The Randalan (pron. Rand-aa-lan); The Wizard Balipurum - the enemy.



1. Royal House of Pars



2. Lord of House currently Shaf Astragone

Terrance De Vere


Friend of Seama - freelance 'fixer'



Dukedom of Aegarde - north east

Tetra Ka Republic


Alliance of four city states on the north eastern seaboard of the continent of Oxitor



Minor river of Western Aegarde



River of Masachea - remnant of an ancient name tirpuchenaga meaning twisting snake

Torgrim Nielderson


Duke Torgrim of Terremark, Aegarde.



Tregar McNabaer - Mador's court wizard - Spurladian



Island in the Riversea

The Twain


The Two; The Twins - Ah'remmon and Ohr'mazd; Ahriman and Ahura Mazda; twin sons of Zurvan, Time, the One God.

Tys Heald


Gotherian Chancellor - also runs the police force









Pron. oozal  Tracker in employ of House Anparas – by origin a Plan Visent nomad



Middle Order God - of Heavy Lifting!  Mountains that is.



Middle Order God - of Wind, of War, of Mischief too









Duke Enric Valdez - of the Aegardean Dukedom of Valdesia



Aegardean Dukedom of Valdesia - mostly uncultivated plains in the North and West with an economy based on rearing horses but incorporating the wealthy villages and towns of the Skirt in the east.



The Waste - considered to be all ocean and covering 3 fifths of the planet surface.



River of Aegarde - Garassia. The switchback. Name mostly shortened to Atrassa







Waldin Omroot


Chief Executive of the Council of Errensea and Master of the Collegium Magi

Will Skillern


Friend of Owen Cookson - journeys with Tregar



River of Aegarde - Terremark. Northern reach of the River Dyfi









Xandra Bhadrada   -  Mador's daughter and Heir to the Partain Throne.









One of the exiled - favourite of the banished god - full name Billy Zarrasi; sorcerer























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